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Welcome to the FUTSAL 18

April 14 & 15, 2018  St. Louis Park High School


About "Futsal 18" TOURNAMENT 
This is the eighth year of the JOTP  Futsal Tournament with last year 80 teams participating in all age groups.  This is a fast, fun and vibrant event with music, concessions, inflatable goalie wars and soccer activities (provided by Joy of the People) and excellent up close seating to view the action.  We call it the most fun soccer weekend of the year! 

Each team will be guaranteed 3 games. The top 2 teams in each age / gender group will advance to a single game championship. (except the U8 coed teams: 3 games and no playoffs). Each court at the St. Louis Park High School provides excellent seating and viewing. Concessions will be available for sale throughout the tournament, as well as, commemorative T-Shirts.  Dynamic, fast paced games have each age group tournament completed in 1/2 a day!

Age Groups
Individual age group divisions may be formed by determination of the Tournament Director.


  • U10 - High School Age:
    • $220 Space is limited. Entries will be on a first received basis as determined by completion of registration.
  • U8s:
    • $185 per team. Space is limited. Entries will be on a first received basis as determined by completion of registration.


Registration can be completed 2 ways:

1) Register on-line and paying tournament fee on-line. 
2) Registering on-line and paying by check - registration complete upon JOTP's receipt of tournament fee.

About Futsal
Futsal is FIFA’s official indoor game. It is a sport that is a derivative of soccer and played with five-person teams on a basketball court, with no walls and a smaller (size 3–4) low-bounce ball. Very popular in Brazil, it was the game that Ronaldinho, Zico, Ronaldo and Rivelino grew up on. It’s played with amazing speed and breathtaking footwork, yet it is very simple and easily picked up and enjoyed by kids and coaches.

What are the main differences between soccer and Futsal?
Aside from the smaller court and fewer players, the goals are smaller as well (2 meters x 3 meters). In addition, unlimited substitution is allowed during the game. Roster size is recommended between 8–10 and the maximum is 12. A player may only be rostered on one team.

Thank you for your participation & Good Luck!

(individual age groups may be formed by determination of tournament director)

U8 Coed U9-10 Boys
U13-U15 Boys U9-10 Girls
U13-U15 Girls U11-12 Boys
High School Boys U11-12 Girls
High School Girls


Please direct questions to:

Ted Kroeten


Phone: (952) 215-1862