Joy of the People

PLAY 365



As many as possible,  as long as possible, in the best environment possible. JOTP is introducing Play365 to continue to create better and better environments to play.  

For the 2022-2023 year, PLAY365 gets you the opportunity to play the whole year 

  • Unlimited FreePlay
  • Season tickets to all GOAT (Joy Athletic) FUTSAL, WPSL, NPSL Games
  • 10% discount on all JOTP Programs at all 3  locations
  • Training in Play leadership--how to set up and build pick up games, close to home, at schools, backyards and parks, a leadership/mentoring program to build a better way to play

We are betting on kids
By doing this JOTP will take a leadership role in pay to play, opening access to all kids, but just as importantly--allowing all kids to develop together, giving them the tools to build community and setting us up for a better future.


And there is more..
While spaces are limited, there is the option to join Rice and Beans--a best in class developmental system that is open to all kids. There is no additional cost for joining Rice and Beans--it is a donation based, member supported program.

3 locations.

  • Edina/SLP
  • St. Paul
  • Woodbury

Space is limited and programs will fill up. All programs are first come/first serve. 


Please direct questions to:

Ted Kroeten

Artistic Director 651-252-1775